What we do?

HAMDI programs are based on five pillars. Most of our programs are cross-cutting and fall under multiple focus areas.

  1. Relief
  2. Education
  3. Women and Child Development and care
  4. Capacity building
  5. Economic Development


  1. HAMDI Relief programs assist communities that are affected by calamities like droughts and floods and man-made disasters like clan conflicts.


HAMDI supports communities affected by any kind of disasters by rebuilding their lives, and mitigating future disasters through immediate response and long-term recovery projects.


  1. HAMDI Education programs deliver access to high quality education for children and youth, boys and girls, from kindergarten to secondary school, in order to cultivate students’ minds and their sense of social responsibility, long-lasting learning, and good conduct. We also contribute by rebuilding their country as children are the future leaders and they are expected to bring bright future for all.


  1. HAMDI women and child development and care programs are high priority for HAMDI. Supporting a rich range of replicable women-child focused programs, HAMDI is empowering a new generation of women and children enabling them to develop their full potential and advancement. HAMDI provides children protection, care and well- nurtured to grow and development in a safe and protective environment.


  1. HAMDI Economic Development programs assist youth, women, and communities who are vulnerable, poor, and in need, to empower them and become self-sufficient. HAMDI promotes program participants by equipping them in useful vocations based on their capacities and community requirements.Programs include: career development, vocational skill training, basic management training, life skill training, and revolving fund loans.


  1. HAMDI Capacity building and training Programs: Capacity building and training programs play a key role in HAMDI’s overall mission to enhance human resource of Somalis. HAMDI supports youth through equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and best practices needed to meet today’s development challenges. Our trainings will be determined by the needs on the ground.